Compufy – IT Technician in Volos, Greece

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Project > Website Design, Local SEO


Compufy is a newly established IT technician in Volos, Greece. Their previous website was a “digital card” showing only but a few contact info and was not presenting their authority in their industry. They are located in a central street of the city they are active at, however, they are ranking for their keywords due to their undeveloped SEO and digital presence.

Project Scope:

To design a website for Compufy that shows their expertise in their industry and their services while showing their “hacker” business profile. To do Local SEO in order to rank for the keywords that are interesting for the business.


Compufy received a fully responsive one-page website that presented their business authority and services in the best way possible while maintaining their business identity. The website communicates the benefits of working with Compufy very clearly and how a potential customer can reach out to them, boosting the conversion as well.

After only a few weeks from the website launch and Local SEO we saw improvement in the business Local rankings and an increase in potential customers discovering the business in Google with 250% from before. 

Compufy collage from website
Compufy samples from website

Compufy Project focus points

Compufy Services

We presented the company’s services in a way that makes it easy to understand and to digest. Since, Compufy offers different sub-services under each pillar, we focused in developing each part as much as we can in order to offer sufficient info for the customers that are interested in them.

Furthermore, we worked with the business identity that Compufy has in order to enhance their web design. The whole website is done in a the black and green tones of a computer terminal.

Local SEO

We worked with improving Compufy’s local position for their keywords in order to increase their organic traffic from local maps and from potential customers that are located in close proximity to the business.
By working with on-page SEO and by optimizing their Google listing we helped Compufy already in 3-4 weeks after the project launch to get higher rankings around their local maps (reaching an average of 2.4 position in a radius of 1km around their business location).

Compufy’s Story

We worked actively to show Compufy’s story and to enhance their industry authority and expertise. By writing a well-written about us, and by including pictures from previous succesful projects we managed to show Compufy’s professionalism and qualities in the best of light.

This is an essential improvement not only in Compufy’s digital brand, but also in their website’s conversion rate.