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What our clients say about us

Owner Compufy Antonis Akrivos

Antonis Akrivos

“I trusted Brainy for designing my website and promoting my business on google and social media. 

From the beginning to the end we had excellent cooperation. Thanos is informative and always willing to explain anything to me. 

The final result satisfied me 100% as well as the customer attendance increased significantly!”

Antonis Akrivos, Owner Compufy Volos

Owner Tourismatic Michael Tsilochristos

Michael Tsilochristos

“Flawless collaboration with Thanos.

We had great communication at every step of Web developing, explanatory and friendly.

The website was designed the way I wanted it quickly and is helping us track our bookings much better than ever before.”

Michael Tsilochristos, CEO Tourismatic

CFO Agios Georgios Volos

Antonis Antoniou

“Recently, we expanded our hospital’s offered services and refreshed our branding. 

Brainy helped us not only to relaunch our website which was made back in 2013, but also to increase the amount of traffic we get from online. 

We have seen great increase on phone calls for private medical appointments already.”

Antonis Antoniou, CFO Agios Georgios 

No customers from your digital presence?
You need to work on your local SEO

Mobile phone showing google maps
A laptop showing the homepage of google

Does Local SEO work in 2022?

When done properly you could get a huge boost in traffic

SEO is arguably the best kind of organic traffic source for most types of businesses. That means that if done properly, search engines like Google will rank your business higher than your competitors for the keywords that you are active in. 

Local SEO puts in the mix a few extra parameters, like customers reviews, catalog listings, proximity to your customers, services and store images, etc. However, in its core SEO and Local SEO is very simple –> Google rewards great businesses that offer excellent services and have satisfied customers.

In short, your business needs to add value to your industry.

The best way of working with Local SEO is to offer kickass services and have the maximum amount of satisfied customers. Then by capitalizing on your excellent reputation and by using the best practices, you can dominate your competitors and get more traffic than them.

Local SEO will not make you an overnight success

Local SEO helps your business to get discovered organically in the long term. Unfortunately, it takes time to rank higher than your competitors and gather the reviews your business needs, and show that your business is worth to be prioritized by Google.

But when you get there, the effects are consistent and are worth the investment of your time and effort. It is like investing 50€ today to get 100€ in a year.

Local SEO is a long-term strategy.

Local SEO services that work

How does Local SEO work?

Google is showing your business to potential customers based on their proximity to you, your Google Reviews and the degree you follow Google’s marketing best practices.

By optimizing your business listing, Google will recommend you more than your competitors and will drive more traffic to your business. If you are in the top 3 results, then your business gets the majority of the traffic against all other competitors that aren’t.

Proper Local SEO along with a killer website that converts visitors to customers can seriously boost your turnover.

How will Local SEO help my business?

What kind of Local SEO my business needs?

You want your business to show on your customers’ map consistently and often.

We can help you to do that by following Google’s best practices for your industry.

We improve your Google listing in the maps, write great descriptions, manage your Google reputation and reviews, and make sure that we answer your customers’ questions before they think about them. 

Printscreen of ranking position of a local business
Brainy Digital Marketing Agency Owner Thanos Antoniou
Printscreen of traffic from local seo
Printscreen of actions of a business customers from local SEO

Local SEO Services Package

One-time optimization

Monthly Maintenance

Ready to get more traffic from Google maps?

Frequently Asked Question

For most types of businesses,  Local SEO will help you get more customers and be more visible in your geographical area.

If you have a store or you are offering services to consumers in an office or geographical area then you will benefit the most from it. Optimizing your Google listing will not only show your business more and higher in search to consumers but will also help you close more customers because of reviews and sale material that you will have for your business.

It is through active communication and cooperation with you that we together bring the best results.

There are several activities done by our agency, however, it is your business that needs to provide the information and to make sure to keep everything updated and accurate.

  • It is a hygiene factor to offer amazing services and products and engage with your customers.
  • You also need to be quite vocal about receiving your customers’ feedback in Google reviews and asking them to share their experience and pictures of your business and services.
  • You need to provide us the most updated photos of your business, team, services, and opening hours.

We cannot make guarantees since there are factors we cannot control such as Google’s algorithm, your competitor reaction, the level/quality of your services, and your actual physical location on the map.

An optimistic scenario is that if you have a kick-ass website and a properly optimized and maintained Google Business listing you should see visible real-world results in traffic in a 3- to 6-months period for some of your keywords.

No, we don’t. We can only guarantee that we will do the work described and that we will follow the best practices for Local SEO, however, we cannot possibly know if Google’s algorithm will rank your business higher.

We cannot and must not make such guarantees and be mindful of the SEO agencies that will make such claims.

It really depends on the type of business, the complexity of work, how tough competition you have, and how much you have already worked with it.

Also, it depends if you want to do a one-time optimization or if you want to have a monthly Google Listing maintenance where we will do fine adjustments, content updates, reporting, competitor monitoring, and posts for your Google listing every month.

With the latter package, we ensure that your business will get the most benefit from the one-time optimization and will retain a high position long-term.

Yes, we do. We do better prices if you combine more of our services or if you purchase 6-month or 12-month packages for Local SEO.