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We set-up efficient ads that direct the wallet-on-the-hand potential customers to your business.

What our clients say about us

Owner Compufy Antonis Akrivos

Antonis Akrivos

“I trusted Brainy for designing my website and promoting my business on google and social media. 

From the beginning to the end we had excellent cooperation. Thanos is informative and always willing to explain anything to me. 

The final result satisfied me 100% as well as the customer attendance increased significantly!”

Antonis Akrivos, Owner Compufy Volos

Owner Tourismatic Michael Tsilochristos

Michael Tsilochristos

“Flawless collaboration with Thanos.

We had great communication at every step of Web developing, explanatory and friendly.

The website was designed the way I wanted it quickly and is helping us track our bookings much better than ever before.”

Michael Tsilochristos, CEO Tourismatic

CFO Agios Georgios Volos

Antonis Antoniou

“Recently, we expanded our hospital’s offered services and refreshed our branding. 

Brainy helped us not only to relaunch our website which was made back in 2013, but also to increase the amount of traffic we get from online. 

We have seen great increase on phone calls for private medical appointments already.”

Antonis Antoniou, CFO Agios Georgios 

Are you sure your current PPC ads
attract customers to your business?

Google analytics of a website

PPC ads brings you more business

What is PPC Ads?

PPC ads stand for Pay-Per-Click ads and refers to all the sponsored ads you see in your browser or social media. 

A customer searches for a keyword and a few ads pop-up related to that specific search-term. And if the ad is convincing enough then they click the ad and they go to your website.

PPC ads can bring good traffic to your website some of which might purchase from you.

But they can also be expensive especially if you have no previous experience in running them.

How can PPC ads help my business?

Want to bring more potential customers to your website?

Want better PPC ads that bring you high-ticket customers?

That do not cost your business a fortune.

What you need is to target with your ads customers that are searching for your services and products and have their wallets on their hands.  Everyone else is just a waste of your marketing budget.

Your PPC ads should create business for you!

How can Brainy help you do that?

We look together at what really matters for your business and we create a PPC ads plan that will create the most results for you. 

We can create magic for your business by:

PPC ads of a website

Ready to run ads that sell and attract new customers?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two parts to PPC ads:

  • The marketing costs you want to invest to the advertising platform (Google, Facebook etc)
  • The management cost for the PPC ads

You can always start with a low investment per day for PPC ads to the platform, like 5€/day and increase depending on the effects you want to see for your business. 

The management fee depends on the typ of business, the ads budget per month and the results you want to see from your PPC ads. 

Book your free consultation today and we can guide your through how it works.

PPC can potentially be appropriate for all businesses, however, that might not be the case for your industry or your geographic area.

To solve this we usually run 2-week or 4-week test runs along with you to see if PPC ads is something that can work for your business.

After the initial test is showing positive results for us, we can increase the intensity and the budget and see more results from your ads.

PPC ads are quite direct which means that you can see results quite fast. 

However, seeing consistent results means that we have all the bases covered: 

  • a good landing page that converts
  • all keywords in place
  • good optimization of our budget

It will probably take some time to fully optimize this process, but the results should be coming quite fast.

Actually no.There is a benefit from doing both at the same time. 

They are different tools from the same toolbox.

PPC ads help you target the customers you cannot target with SEO. So you can get in front of the eyes of customers ready to pay for  the services you offer.

Local SEO gets you long-term consistent organic leads to your business in close proximity to your business. And with the right optimization that can generate also some business for you.

We can have a quick talk to find out the mix that works best for your business and to bring the best results.

It can be cheaper for your business – ironically – since we can help you set up the right campaigns and to spend as little as it is necessary in the beginning.

You don’t spend money figuring out how this works, while getting no results. We do that for you quickly, efficiently and the sole purpose of bring sales for you. We then increase ad spent when we know we have a process that works for your business.

Also, we can quickly do changes based on the strategic direction of your company and to target different audiences and geographic areas without costing you a fortune.

We are your co-pilot in this. You need us to give you the right directions before you need them so you can do what you know best, drive your business.

It is impossible to run PPC ads without a website.

Also, a bad website can be even worse than no website, since all the traffic your PPC ads will lead there will not convert to customers. So you pay to see no results.

You should also have the willingess to experiment with making the PPC ads process work.

You can book a strategy session with us and we can discuss how you can start with PPC ads, what is needed from you and what kind of results you should expect from it.

Book your strategy session with Brainy Designs today.