Tourismatic – Car Rental in Skiathos, Greece

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Project > Website Development, Local SEO


Tourismatic is a tourist car rental in Skiathos, Greece. Their previous website was bare and unexciting and was not bringing any – trackable – results to the owner. The website had no clear User Path for booking and no branding for the business: Only a few pictures of the island and very basic business info.

Project Scope:

A new website that shows Tourismatic’s flare, uniqueness, and industry authority. Also to emphasize the conversion rate of the website visitors and in driving more traffic via Local SEO optimization. 


Tourismatic’s owner received a fully responsive website that showcased his business in the best light. We communicated the benefits of working with Tourismatic very clearly and created an easy-to-follow user path for bookings in order to improve and track conversions.

Michael contacted us a couple of weeks after the website deployment – during December, a dead month booking-wise for them – that he has already received his first booking via the website. 

Tourismatic collage from web design
Tourismatic collage from web design

Tourismatic website focus points

Tourismatic Vehicle Packages

The available vehicle packages are nicely presented to the visitor.
The benefits of each package are described and have a system tracking the email-bookings that come from the website versus the spray-n-pray method used before.

A trustworthy partner

The benefits of using Tourismatic as a partner are described clearly and with no doubt.
The website visitors cannot miss the reasons for trusting Tourismatic as a partner and what kind of benefits a tourist will receive from using the Tourismatic services.

Tourismatic’s Story

We managed to show Tourismatic’s uniqueness and why a tourist should use them for their vacations.
The “About us” section is arguably one of the most important sections for small businesses and here we managed to present the business in a great way.